Castle hearth shards, 3rd Castle Hearth

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I really dont like limits on castle hearth - there are so many possibilities how to decorate areas and castles .. And how to conquer the whole map ofc! :C Oh my... ! <3

So i suggest to increase limit to 3 and make 3rd one achievalbe (and possible to build) only after collecting AND spending certain amount of so-called Castle Hearth shards which you collect for destroying others C.Hearths.

<minor sugg. for better balance: it might be appropriate and well suited to combine (less) shards with other required items from some bosses on PVE servers in contrast to PVP, where are plenty of potential targets>

This idea could be easily imagined both on PVP (dont need to explain) and PVE servers (where others castles decaying all the time).

<Destroy and Rise!>
This is a survival game after all.

Feedback Suggested by: Victoira_the_Selfish Upvoted: 21 Jan Comments: 4

Comments: 4