World Events

I was imagining multiple things that would add some content, PvP oriented events around the map since roaming is getting a bit boring in the game and rly based on luck to encounter someone (would be mostly in Dunley since it's the middle of the whole world) :

1 - Travelling Carts on Dunley's Road, vampires would go in to destroy it and loot it with decent to huge loot (a lot of resources like Glass, T2-T3 Gems, scrolls (?) etc.)
Could work in Silverlight too, even Farbane, with their respectives loot tier.

2 - Huge golden crates popping in map, always seeable on big map, spawn is all around Vardoran, with some sets and good weapons (maybe the special ones that comes soon?)

3 - Doing something with the Colisseum, adding like days to put some NPCs waiting for a challenge at a specific day (lets say a Friday in game, at 5, Champions (NPCs) are waiting for you to come to fight them, loot should be decent and cosmetics are lootable from them.

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