Vaulting Chest-High Walls; more Shift-Key Functionality

As the title says, I think we could get more use out of the Shift-Key function.

It's introduced to us as the first step of the Tutorial, and yet it's scarcely used in the game save for leaping a few cliffs, though I find it odd that we can't use our innate Vampiric agility to leap over small cobblestone walls (like in Dunley Farmlands!)

I'm almost 1k hours into the game and I must say, the addition of more Chest-High walls in both building, and having the ability to vault over them, would add new dynamics to combat, evasion, and navigation, but likewise breathe life into the underused Shift-Key function.

This should NOT be used for Fences, since Fences are taller (unless separating large/small fences in what can/can't be vaulted is outlined, in my opinion.)

That's all I have for this, thanks for reading! :D

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Comments: 1

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