Legendary Weapons

I love the soul shard mechanic on PVP servers.
I think it would be cool to introduce legendary weapon books of each type that function in a similar way to shards and vary from server to server. They're found as an absurdly low drop chance in specific areas shown to you in the Eye of Twilight. Place the book down in your castle study and you can craft the legendary weapon of the tier you're in. If a book gets claimed by another player, the eye of twilight won't tell you where it is exactly, but rather which player owns the book.

Use a Weapon X Trait randomness per weapon per server with a couple of unique affixes- add a special glow or skin for the weapon

IE: Axes of the Bloodlord (Axe = Wep, Bloodlord = Trait)
+3 Spellpower when using Blood spells
+10% Effectiveness of your Current BloodType

-Adds replayability to server reset
-Gives players another thing to fight/trade/interact with
-Offers the casual vampire on a pvp server a possibility of getting something special

Feature Request Suggested by: Pneuma Upvoted: 17 Oct Comments: 3

Comments: 3

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