Summoning & Turning Friendly NPCs - Creatures, Undead and Vampire Companions (followers)

I would love to be able to turn animal/creature companions (like our servants), create friendly undead NPCs that can follow/assist me, from skeletons to ghouls, then more advanced and dangerous undead (e.g. wraiths, death-knights?) until at the top of this research tree I could create a vampire companion to share eternity with and maybe even customisations for them in future too (Abilities and Appearance)

And the ability to resurrect these beloved companions of the night ^,,^

(Below is a possible extension for later, the above is what I would love to see most)

Additionally external NPC vampires where you could have a diplomacy/relationship system to either befriend, coexist or battle them. Could be expanded into creating NPC bloodlines, clans that you could join (or found your own!) or war against for territory/food - could result in solo/PvE server warzones etc.

More PvE Content please!

I LOVE this game, keep it up! <3

Feature Request Suggested by: VampireAddams Upvoted: 09 Nov Comments: 3

Comments: 3

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