A V Rising Story Line - Plot/Friendly NPCs/Guided Tutorial

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One thing I think the game could really thrive from is a kind of story or "guide" through the game since there is hints of a bare story in the beginning.

When you wake up you could be greeted by an NPC (perhaps a spirit, a guide, a lich or Cryptguard who was your servant waiting for you to wake up, or a previous master). This NPC can introduce you to the story and tutorial and set up the age of "Returning to The Age of Vampires".

They can be stationed or tied to the Castle Heart maybe, and allow players to return to that and talk to them or listen to them for the next story beat. Like "Well done, Dark Master. We've set a foothold, but seems you are still weak. You've sated your hunger upon the meager game here, but I've located strong prey we can use to further your rising. See me at your Blood Alter." - Then mark major NPCs like the Alpha Wolf or the Bandit King to hunt.

I have more ideas to go along with this too. Just not enough characters. See how much traction this gets!

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Comments: 5