No limit on Castle hearts on private server / in solo mode

I am one of the rare solo players (I think) and my main fun is really just placing my castles around the area and building them up in the "end-game" when I've collected all my V Bloods and so on.

I would really appreciate the option in single-player modus to remove the limit on castle hearts and just dominate the area, and perhaps to remove the limit to the castle's spread, so I can just go on building however I want and place random statues and pretty things on odd places :) (though with no limit to castle hearts I could just join them, I guess).

I see that this would break multiplayer games, but in single-player modus I can't see an issue against it, personally. It would at least greatly improve my personal fun in the game :)
And thank you for the simple way to make suggestions :) I don't usually do, but I really enjoy playing. about 100 hours up to now can't lie ;) I am very much enjoying your game. Thank you for the personalization options in solo-mode :) Love it.

Feature Request Suggested by: cinaeda Upvoted: 24 Sep Comments: 4

Comments: 4

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