Managing the Castle from the Throne

The entire castle should be manageable from the Throne. When sitting on the throne, instead of sending you straight to the map to send servants on missions, you would be able to access the 'Castle Management' page/UI. On said page/UI, you would have four main icons :

[Castle] = Clicking on this would load a minimap of your castle and its interior and allow you to open/close doors and fences (either by manually clicking on the icon, or by clicking on a button to open/close ALL doors and/or ALL fences at once).
[Servants] = Would load a custom servant interface where you would be able to see the list of all servants attached to the castle, their expertise (gear?) and send them on missions. Rather than using the map for missions, please use a DROP DOWN LIST instead (would fix many issues present with the mission map).
[Production] = Would list all stuff with a button to turn on/off production including tombs and braziers (you would still need to manually go move the resources)

Feature Request Suggested by: Yros Upvoted: 05 Nov Comments: 0

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