More Player Interaction/Sandbox MMO features

I'm not sure the technical player cap on V Rising servers, but as I'm playing through the game I'm realizing that the game as it is right now is am amazing base for more of a sandbox MMO style game. What I mean by that is that given that there are already NPCs who live in the world with schedules, interactions etc, I'd love to see more of this opportunity between players on a servers. For example, having to transfer goods via slower wagers in between your castle and NPC towns to trade (or vice versa) would could of course then be raided by other players. Or incentives for players who are not of the same clan to interact, ally with each other against more powerful clans, or even hang out together (perhaps a way to open part of your castle to the public to act as a sort of tavern). The game has such an amazing base, I think creating more opportunities for players to interact and live in the world would deepen it and extend content.

Feature Request Suggested by: Brian Newton Upvoted: 17 Oct Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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