Optional Reputation System for PvE

Posted this in the reddit a while back.

Certain actions can raise or lower your reputation with the people of the world, allowing you to customize if you'll be a cruel tyrant, or a benevolent ruler. Did you free a captive civilian from a bandit camp and let them get away? Rep goes up.
Did you go into a village and nuke the place in a blood frenzy? Rep goes down.

At high enough reputation, civilians won't run away from you and may even offer you a bottle of blood as you go by, in thanks for the help you've given. Guards and members of the Faith will still be wary of you, but will no longer attack on sight. Going off the highly upvoted NPC raids, at high rep you may get raided by bandits.

At a low reputation, the people are terrified of you. They will drop resources hoping you'll spare them, guards and church members will attack on sight but they are scared witless and may fumble. At this stage, Militia members will be the ones raiding you.

And that's all I got room for here, bye!

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