New Weapon Type: Staff

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The staff is a craftable weapon, available in iron and above, that's designed to be used by mage builds.
-Passive: Unlike other weapons, which gain bonus damage vs. certain resource nodes, the staff has a unique passive - it grants spell power instead of attack power.
-Primary: Fire off two bolts per second that deal 20% physical damage each.
-Q - Arcane Bolt: Hold to cycle elements. Tap to buff your primary attack for 5s, adding 20% magic damage and applying a status effect based on the selected element:
--Blood heals you for half the magic damage dealt
--Unholy applies amplify
--Illusion summons an image of you near the enemy hit
--Chaos burns
--Frost chills
--Storm shocks
This ability has a 0.5s cd when selecting an element and an 8s cd when applying it.
-E - Hasten: Reduce your ultimate's cd by 1.5s and all other active cooldowns by 3s. 12s cd.

Feature Request Suggested by: Epicmonk117 Upvoted: 29 Aug Comments: 9

Comments: 9

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