Boss Trophies - Unlock upon defeat, display in your castle.

I'd love to have some trophies on display in my castle to commemorate boss fights. It seems like it'd be a nice aesthetic touch.
They could unlock the first time a boss is defeated, or bosses could have a chance to drop the recipe.

Some ideas for potential trophies:
- Alpha Wolf: Wolf skin rug.
- Ferocious Bear: Mounted bear head (she does already give the bear skin rug tho)
- Meredith, Lidia and Keely: Each of their respective chaos/frost/light bows for wall displays.
- Styx: Shrek figurine (jk)
- Polara: Large flowerbeds / topiary.
- Clive: Ornamental stack of explosives crates and spilt gunpowder.
- Jade: Rifle to display on the wall
- Octavian: Full armor display, or weapons stands like you'd see in a militia armory.
- Winged Horror: Giant chain and pet collar lol, or a statue of the beast itself.
- Leandra / Nicholaus: Strange, occult lecterns or obelisks.

There is a lot could be done with this / I'm sure others would have even more creative ideas :)

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Comments: 3

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