Vampire cults/enclaves

I was thinking of something like different cults that have their own elder vampires that grant you little bonus armors that may grant stealth or certain bonuses to do with said cult. They could have their own unique armors and powerful amulets that you could unlock by progressing through their faction.

Like a cult of pleasure that might grant you an armor that makes vampiric seduction easier and it grants you lower detection range by npc. Bringing thralls to the cult! They could have their own themeatic bases or cave entrances hidden around the map!

Maybe they could have their own faction goals like keeping humans alive or destroying them or drowning them in plagues and pestilence or to keep to themselves and learn all of the arcane knowledge that is out their! Even learning of the skeletons that may lurk in the closests of those oh so disgusting and shiny kingdoms.

Feature Request Suggested by: Gandalfthethicc Upvoted: 08 Oct Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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