I think the bat form is unfortunate. It's one of the high level powers and I think it's useless.

If you go up into the sky, you don't see anything on the ground, it takes forever to transform.

I think it's a problem, not being able to land in gardens or castles that don't have a roof, that's definitely the usefulness of this transformation.

The transformation should at least do one of two things.

You can see people from above
You can land on enemy territory, which has no roof (gardens, walls, no ground).

is useless in pvp servers and pve servers.
In pve servers u go in horse with all resorces and dont have any problem.
And pvp servers its only for travel one way. Its same to portal and u dont have move any resorces. Is easy understand. Is useless. the batform need rework. And in high lvl u dont use bat form never. for what? its only for pvp (gank or enter open castle/base) and not is posible

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Comments: 5

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