Crossbow mechanics improvement

Crossbows are known as powerful weapons ready to fire in the battle, It would be neat to have a way to have your Bolt loaded on your crossbow prepared to fire instead of having to lose the charge time every time you have to attack.

The aim of this change is to improve the use of the crossbow in PVP:
* Improving mobility by enabling reloading -> reposition -> fire
* Having your crossbow loaded can help in doing powerful combos (E.g. Axe E stun -> shoot -> Axe Q close gap -> AA)
* Providing a way to make crossbow shoots less "guessable", having to reload and being forced to shoot in the same movement is too cranky.

Personally, I wouldn't add a key to reload, just clicking once would command reload, if you hold the click then it would work similarly to how it is working right now.

Feedback Suggested by: Wasi Upvoted: 08 Oct Comments: 3

Comments: 3

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