Vampire Lord Transformation Ability (Or a gargoyle form skin/ability) + Night Magic Skill Line

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Combat Transformation or Skin.

-Straight up, the game needs some kind of big-bat-winged Gargoyle/Vampire Lord playable aesthetic.

-Themed after Skyrim or Markus Corvinus from Underworld, of course. Vampires being able to transform into monstrous bat-like creatures in a sort-of ascendency is very much vampire lore and is sadly one of the only bits of vamp lore not currently in the game.

-Could be a skin or could be a final transformation skill you unlock that is meant to be used for combat but comes with obvious flaws. Maybe is super hard to get like the dracula status if it's an actual skill?

Bat Swarm Ability ideas:
-New 'Night Magic' Skill line focused on darkness/bats would be amazing.
-Here's an example of an ability for said line: placeable AoE bat swarm that damages things that enter. Could probably be thrown into Blood. Perhaps causes bats to fly back to heal you after dealing damage?
-Dash could be a bat-swarm teleport of some kind.
-Needs its own post for further detail

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Comments: 2

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