Razer Pack for founders.

The title should describe my suggestion- I personally don't own the founder's back, but I was able to get the Razer pack, while some of my friends who purchased the $60 pack were not able to grab it. I realize the $60 pack was completely optional, however, those who purchased it clearly wanted to support the game. So those who supported it have the same chance as others to get the Razer pack through the giveaway. They don't get an increased chance, or even just the pack for free. It's literally just 4 pieces of cosmetic gear. I'd understand if it was a whole DLC with new maps, areas, gear, enemies, etc. But a cosmetic pack? Why not just give something so simple to those who show more support for your game?

Just a suggestion. A lot of games are out there, some show their love for their supporters, others don't. How do you wanna look? Do you want to look like you don't care, or do you want to look like you love your community and listen to them?

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

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