List of Gear Progression/Farming Ideas

Add in horizontal gear progression at each tier.

Add in 2-3 endgame tiers that are random drops (Not random stats) as a form of extended progression.

Add more random drop armor and weapons, provide upgrades to them to keep them useful as players progress. (ie: The General Reaper, Logging Axes, and Mining Mace)

Add in new stat lines for each school of magic, giving armor a reason to be varied.

Add in umbrella weapon type, is a horrible offensive weapon, but can be used to avoid the sun.

Add much more area to the cursed forest for farming. At current it takes several trips to build anything, especially with bigger clan sizes.

Add in a procedural dungeon (Perhaps where you'd farm the endgame tiers I mentioned) that is randomized each day, week, etc.

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Comments: 5

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