Horse Stable Construct addition

This is a culmination of ideas. There is an obvious flaw in the mechanics of horses. People can bum rush getting a horse at early level and cheese mechanics of bosses and essentially shortcut a lot of the beginning fundamentals.

Idea: horse stable!

A horse stable would allow you to tame and store horses. You would be able to craft riding equipment for the horse and eventually be able to craft horse armor. A tamed horse with a saddle has a greater movement speed and the armor could act as a dismount prevention with active charges that recharge out of combat and has more charges with stronger armor

Also, when a horse is “stabled” it would postpone the water death timer until the horse is taken from the stable. 2 horse per stable.

The plans would drop from a V blood unit in the dunley farmlands.

This essentially prevents the cheese strat, forces fresh players to utilize the early game movement form, and allows for horse customization/bonding

Let me know whatchu think!

Feature Request Suggested by: Kayoh Upvoted: 29 Nov Comments: 7

Comments: 7

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