Dyes, Glamours, Cosmetics Galore!

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The sets in the game should allow you to spend gems, fish oil and plant fibers to craft dyes to recolor them. Their could be Primary (The black part of the Dawnthorn Regalia) and Secondary (The purple tabard part of the Dawnthorn Regalia) slots to dye on each gearset. This would up variety tremendously, before and after new sets are added. This could be a new V-Blood reward on a bench.

Let us have a cosmetic set of armor slots that allows us to wear older sets for RP immersion at no statistical benefit. Terraria and many MMOs have functions like this. They should be blood-bound upon use, and player gear level is beside our name anyways for PvP balance.

This one is plain and simple, in addition to the above requests, let us have cosmetic outfits to match the hats in the game. Yes, even the mundane ones. Maid Cap? Maid outfit. Ashfolk Helmet? Ashfolk Armor. Necromancer's Mitre? Necromancer's Robes. These would be amazing and fun for roleplay and immersion!

Feature Request Suggested by: Skyfarer Upvoted: 2 days ago Comments: 48

Comments: 48