How to reduce "honey combing" building style

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A couple changes will be required:

Increase the health of walls by x5
Increase the health of window-walls by x4
Increase the health of doors by x1.5-x2
Increase the resource requirement to craft a siege golem by x3

This reduces the amount of siege availability clans will have between grinding runs, and it makes buildings more hardy, prefacing the system implementation I will now suggest as the core of this change.

The core system addition needed:

Room size and shape limitations:

A room cannot be enclosed without there being a doorway present, no completely walled in "rooms", or honeycombs.
This dissallows purely walled out honeycombs, forcing doorways into each and every "room".

A room face must be a mixture of atleast 2 doorways, walls and/or window walls wide AND long. So 2x2 minimum to enclose a room.
This allows sectioning of the base still, but severely reduces the ability to honeycomb WITH doorways.

Add these rules to the base-building part of the tutorial.


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Comments: 18

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