Servants and PvE Events

Hi team, first thanks for the game and its amazing, more than 200h and still waiting for more.

1 - if is possible to add a command to spawn monsters and to choose the quality as well.
2 - make the servant improve the expertise after finish some quest or killed some mobs because its really bad i found a paladin 100% and he have 15% of expertise or remove the rng for max quality servants. if is possible to add an option to reroll the character paying some blood essences will be nice.
3 - if we can add a guarding flooring where the servants will stay inside the place with this type of floor, for defense or another UI option to move then anyone where around your castle.
4 - it will be nice if the factions like bandits, inquisition or monsters raiding your base like an event. like for humans they will attack you after you kill many of then or they discovered you base. monster goes crazy around the blood moon. and they will improved with the time or after each invasion until max level.

Feature Request Suggested by: Fabio Upvoted: 17 Oct Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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