Base defense and servant interactions Improvements

Base defense and servant interactions feels lackluster. Suggestions to expand upon:

ramparts for palisades, or external walls to defend from.

Assign duties to servants such as ‘guard specific area’ or ‘patrol,’ etc.

Allow servants to be assigned to specific stations to ‘assist’ with tasks or provide some sort of bonus if a servant is set to that “room” or “station.”

Minor traps for offline/anti-siege defense like ‘spike pits’, ‘wall spikes’, ‘oil pots to fall over specific doorways/thresholds when that door takes damage.’ Limit based on a castle's heart level. This will make raiding a base more interesting and allow for a more strategic base design.

Elevated Watch towers, specifically for a player to get into to see over their own walls. Or assign an NPC servant to alert the castle owner via chat (“Your guard ‘Robin’ has spotted movement from ‘Watch Tower A.’) when someone is approaching or allows for very limited ranged auto defense.

Feature Request Suggested by: Komuroto Upvoted: 11 Oct Comments: 9

Comments: 9

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