Off Map Areas and Treasure Hunts

Add discoverable portals to the existing map which can be interacted with by anyone to travel to new off-map areas and to dig-up treasure discovered via treasure maps.

- Similar to the Diablo series, where you find cave entrances, tombs, building entrances and portals etc. these can be used to travel to other areas off the main map.

- This allows the devs to add additional content to the game without having to extend the current map every time.

- Add treasure maps as loot which can be decoded, tracked and dug up / fight monsters or mobs defending the treasure. Can be linked in with the portals mentioned above to either lead to a chest or another area to enter and find loot.

- These new areas could be simple 1-2 screen sized areas or much larger mini-dungeon style areas and the pool of these locations can be added to over time for variety and some randomness.

The spider boss area build up and fight was great, more mini dungeon style areas like this with this system please! :)

Feature Request Suggested by: Raoh Upvoted: 23 Oct Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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