More PvE activities.

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I would love to see some more PvE activities in the game. As it is the PvE content in-game is pretty small and really easy (especially if you have more than 1 vampire doing the same things).
Some suggestions:
1. PvE raids were the bandits/militia/church send out groups of enemies that increase in size depending on your progression in the V Blood list.
2.PvE raids where 1-4 vampires go and raid a bandit/militia/church stronghold/fort/city to get unique gear/cosmetics. Make it so each faction drops a key that we can then use to go into a raid on Dracula's castle to get amazing castle/player cosmetics.
3.More zones (I know the zone in the top right is coming but don't know when).
Also it would be lovely if we could get a roadmap of things YOU (the dev's) want to put into the game or fix over the next [Insert time period here] so we have some sort of time reference about how long things should take. As is we know the new zone is coming but since we don't know WHEN my friends and I R bored

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Comments: 18