Clan ranks and permission

1. Permission setting in Clan to prevent members from accessing certain administrative building:

A. That or add a door that is similar to servants door but is restricted against members access depending on ranks

2. Ranks go along with permission

A. Low rank vampire cannot dismantle other clan members walls, cannot freely go through clan member castle door room to room

B. Mid rank vampire cannot dismantle other clan members structures

C. High rank vampire can help with building for other clan members castle

3. Even if they are clan member make it so we are given option to set a pin or restrict access to certain door

4. Restrict all clan members to not be able to access other clan member secret vault storage that each player is given. It defeats the purpose of being a personal secret stash

Feature Request Suggested by: Shadow Upvoted: 29 Sep Comments: 5

Comments: 5

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