more admin control and fixes

- [fix] people can hear footsteps and see equipped cloak with toggleobserve 1
- add ability to kill player
- add ability to spawn bosses
- add ability to spawn structures
- add ability to mute (chat OR voice) players
- add ability to destroy castles
- add ability to toggle pvp without restart, and ability to allow only certain players to pvp
- add ability to spawn horses
- add ability to spawn mobs
- add ability to limit crafted gear in details (to create staggered progress)
- add ability to control movement speed
- increase the speed of movement in toggleobserve
- add ability to interact with environment in toggleobserve 2
- add ability to fight in toggleobserve 2
- create an api to get player and server info into third party tools
- allow creation of custom scripts running through RCON
- develop a GUI based RCON official tool
- add ability to make admin levels and control what each level does

thank you.

Feature Request Suggested by: Mandus Upvoted: 27 Jan Comments: 18

Comments: 18

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