[Suggestion]Fencing everywhere

Currently quite a few castle customization options are locked by being unable to put fences on "proper" flooring. It won't hurt anyone and it doesn't give any advantage (I think), so my suggestion is to remove the restriction of only being able to put fences on raw borders and allow us to build them anyway.

This will add castle customization options when building;
- Terraces
- Panorama Castle Rooms if used in combination with doorways(On top and on the edge of a cliff for example)
- Cooler crypt rooms
- Gardens with "roofs" surrounding it by using doorways and proper flooring to generate a roof

And probably more. All in all I think this will at to castle variety and interesting building outcomes.

Feature Request Suggested by: Holy Fool Sehrael Upvoted: 16 Sep Comments: 3

Comments: 3

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