Make the end game harder

Lets be honest here a dedicated server dont last more then 3 days. Even on Vanilla settings any 200+h player can get to endgame with in 1 day. It is so easy. After that the only thing left is PvP or raids. I suggest that gear tier 7,8 should be obtainable only by the Book that drops us a rare drop from bosses or mobs. I went with lvl 0 item lvls and was able to farm the Silver city docks for hours and got 2 endgame books. Thats not acceptable.if you remove the endgame gear from schematics then pll will have to farm more to get the drops. Will increase pvp and pve content. And will give something to grind in between and hard goal to achieve. Either way at this moment end game is 0 rather then wiping the server where no one can even kill you because u got all 3 shards that gives insane buffs. Please make end game to be more grindy. All this is from the Full Loot servers. On normal PvP must be like in kids playground getting to endgame

Feature Request Suggested by: Kamo Upvoted: 23 Jul Comments: 4

Comments: 4

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